If you would like to study full time in the U.S., then you should apply for a student (F-1) visa. A student visa is issued by the American Embassy in your home country. In order to apply for a student visa, you must have a SEVIS I-20 issued by the school you would like to attend. Global ESL Academy is authorized under federal law to admit non-immigrant F-1 students and can issue I-20s. Please note that students on a student visa are required by U.S. Immigration law to study in a full-time program with a minimum of 18 hours per week.

Applying I-20 from Abroad

These are the steps you have to follow in order to get an I-20 from abroad.

  Step 1: Fill out an I-20 application form. Click here to download the form.
  Step 2: Send us required documents including the Affidavit of SupportClick here to download the form.
Click here for the list of the other required documentations.
  Step 3: Receive an I-20 from us.  Please note that it takes 2-3 weeks to process your SEVIS I-20 request.  The SEVIS I-20 will be mailed to you by Express Mail unless you request us to send it to someone in the U.S. or have it ready to be picked up.
  Step 4: Go to www.fmjfee.com and pay the SEVIS I-901 Fee.  This is a required fee by the US Homeland Security Department. You must do this before your visa interview at the Embassy.
  Step 5: Apply for your F-1 visa in your home country.  Go to www.usembassy.gov for a list of the closest U.S. Consulate or Embassy.   Please review our “How to prepare for an F-1 Visa Interview” document for details on preparing for your visa interview.
  Step 6: Come to the U.S.  Please note that you will not be allowed by Immigration to enter the U.S. anytime earlier than 30 days before your classes start. 
  Step 7: Report to school no later than 30 days after your arrival. Remember to bring your passport, I-94 and I-20 when reporting to school. 
  Step 8:  Schedule an appointment for the placement test and attend our New Student Orientation.
  Step 9: Start Classes at Global ESL Academy.

Applying for Transfer

These are the steps you have to follow in order to transfer to Global ESL Academy.

  Step 1: Fill out an I-20 application form. Click here to download the form.
  Step 2: Send or bring us required documents including the Affidavit of Support (Click here to download the form) and the Transfer Enrollment Status Form (Click here to download the form).
Click here for the list of the other required documents.
  Step 3: Call 212-643-1410 or come in person to schedule an appointment for the placement test and attend our New Student Orientation.
  Step 4: See the International Student Adviser about your submitted documents and to finalize the transfer process.
  Step 5: Pick up your I-20.
  Step 6: Start classes at Global ESL Academy.

Applying for Change of Status

Anyone considering changing his/her status must schedule an appointment to see the International Student Adviser. You can call 212-643-1410 to schedule an appointment. On the day of the appointment, please bring all your Immigration status paperwork including the passport, visa and I-94 copies.

If you have any questions or need further assistance, please contact us at info@globaleslacademy.edu or call 212-643-1410.

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My English has improved a lot since I joined. Really amazing environment to study, friendly atmosphere and the administration is so helpful. They give you advice and all the information that you need. Everyone is very professional including the faculty. They really work hard to improve your English, grammar, vocabulary, presentation skills, reading & writing skills. One of the best Academies in NY, each student gets the full attention & given a chance to express. Also, the courses are less expensive than so many other places but yet up to the mark.

It's really a good language school for English learners. The teachers in this institution are very patient to every single student, even though you are not good at English. They are so kind that teaching everything about how to improve your English language. The director is very nice, she could help student and advise them for good way to enhance English language. It was a good experience for me to study English in this school !

I’d tried several ESL schools before started classes at Global ESL Academy. Most of them were either much more expensive or of much lower quality. Global ESL Academy gave me a lot of great experience and knowledge. There is a small number of students per class and a great student-teacher ratio. Most of the teachers are good and knowledgeable. I practiced and improved my English skills here and made new friends. For those who are looking for serious ESL school is the best option. Thank you very much my great school!

I love this school! There are kind and professional teachers, and all the staff is amazing! The school is well located, and has everything to provide a good learning experience.

I tried different schools back home and in the US, but I never truly learned something new or felt that my English was improving. I was in the advanced level and was told that I don't need it anymore, but I knew that wasn't true because Americans did not understand me always, or I couldn't understand them. And it was finally when I attended Global ESL Academy that I felt an improvement in my English. I learned something everyday, and realized why I wasn't understood sometimes because I wasn't expressing myself correctly. I even learned the rules for comma usage and realized that all the emails I had sent so far were full of mistakes. I learned more vocabulary and was able to recognize those new learned words in conversations with American people and felt more confident about myself. I really enjoyed my time at this school and I think that Wendy Trach is one the best teachers I had so far. She is great! I strongly recommend Global ESL Academy. I liked that the school helped me find a good place to live really close to school as well :)

I have studied with Global ESL Academy for 4 sessions, which is 8 months! Everyone in the staff and administration is absolutely accomodating. They made everything easy for me from the very first session enrollment, to registering again, and now they have helped me find my way to CUNY. I am very grateful for their help, and for making everything work, this institution goes the extra mile just to meet your needs. Everyone is so easy to talk to, and the teachers ate very much experienced in their fields. They have helped me in every step of the way from taking the tofel test, and applying to college. I could never have done anythting without them! Keep up the good job guys! I will miss you all! I recommend this institution to any international student like me! They will definitely help you in any way they can!

Hi !My name is Maria Cristina. I am a teacher of English from Argentina . I took lessons in Global ESL Academy at very advanced levels to practise and update vocabulary, expressions and improve speaking skills. It has been a great experience for my professional development and Im looking forward to going back soon.

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Global ESL Academy is a great school where I have improved my English through different kind of classes (grammar, TOEFL preparation, listening/speaking, pronunciation) that have reinforced my knowledge and good use of the language.Excellent teachers & staff members..

GEA is a highly recommended language school in NYC. All the teachers and staff members are helpful and gregarious. The school holds numerous activities for students who are the first time visitors to NY, such as field trips to the Bronx Zoo, museum visits, and games watching. There are also small concerts performed by fellow students, potluck parties, and holiday celebrations at school. Students know better of each other and get to experience the American culture. I love the warm welcoming atmosphere! Teachers are really experienced. Most of them have taught ESL students for almost a decade or more. Some of them are also teaching in the CUNY's ESL system.