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The English for Everyone Program

The English for Everyone Programは、アメリカ国内外での日常生活や仕事上の目的において、文法・読み書き・語彙力・会話力を総合的に学びたい方のためのコースです。授業は土曜日午前に3時間行われます。

  • Beginner(初級)
  • Intermediate(中級)
  • High-Intermediate(中上級)
  • Advanced(上級)



Saturday Program

The Saturday English for Everyoneは、土曜日の午前中に下記のスケジュールにて行われます。


9:00 am – 12:00 pm

GEA's Idiom of the Week is "the talk of the town," which means that it's what everyone is talking about. To begin improving your English by getting our Idiom of the Week sent to you by e-mail, please click below.

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